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Seminar on Exclusive Rights of Trademark Use of Enterprises with Foreign Investments

    On the morning of September 6, 2017, the Seminar on Exclusive Rights to Use Trademark of Enterprises with Foreign Investment co-hosted by Quality Brands Protection Committee (QBPC) and the Trademark Office of Sichuan Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce was successfully held in the Industrial and Commercial Building in Chengdu City. QBPC Chairman Jack Chang ,Vice Chairman Colin Chen and other 16 QBPC representatives attended the seminar.
    The meeting was chaired by Deputy Director General Liu Xiaojun of the Trademark Office of Sichuan Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce, and Director General Zhou Guangping and Deputy Director General Liu Xiaojun of the Trademark Office, Deputy Director Yang Yang of the Chengdu Administration for Industry and Commerce, and Captain Xia Bing of the Economic Inspection Department of Sichuan Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce participated in the meeting. Liu Xiaojun first introduced the trademark development in Sichuan Province. He pointed out that, from 2011 to 2015, the trademark awareness of the enterprises in Sichuan Province was increasing with an annual growth rate of 25%. As of 2016, the total number of valid trademark registration reached 400,000 in Sichuan Province. In addition, the number of high-frequency trademark registration and international trademark registration ranked eighth in China. Liu Xiaojun also introduced the protection of patent rights in recent years in Sichuan Province, mainly including the “Red Shield Spring Thunder Action”, “Red Shield Network Sword Action”, “Action for IPR Protection of well-known enterprises and brands” and so on. During each special action, the industrial and commercial departments seized a large number of cases with huge values, collaborated actively with the public security departments and effectively cracked down on crimes of infringing upon intellectual property rights (IPR).
    Director General Zhou Guangping said that since the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between QBPC and the Trademark Office of Sichuan Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce in 2010, the two sides have conducted active cooperation which played a good role in promoting the IPR protection in Sichuan Province and he expects further collaboration in the future work to achieve better results. Zhou Guangping mainly stressed the key work of brand protection in Sichuan Province: first, attach great importance to the IPR protection; second, implement the special action for IPR protection; third, gradually improve the administrative and judicial coordination mechanism; fourth, strengthen the administrative law enforcement. During the meeting, Director General Zhou Guangping and his colleagues also talked about the issues such as the difficulty in obtaining evidence during the trademark administrative law enforcement, network infringement and the pricing of infringing goods and counterfeit goods.
    Jack Chang briefed the development of QBPC, and pointed out that with the social development at the present stage and the impact of policy advantages, Sichuan Province, as an important market in the western China, has been generally concerned by QBPC members and the trademark offices have played a huge role in the IPR information collection and market supervision. He hopeed to carry out the closer cooperation and exchanges with the trademark offices in the future. He expressed his admiration for the achievements of the trademark work in Sichuan Province, hoping to get relevant information so that QBPC can use its own platform to carry out the publicity at home and abroad. He also talked about his opinions on the price recognition and the products bearing the same or similar foreign trademark. Colin Chen put forward some suggestions on the implementation of the MOU.
    The two sides agreed to implement the MOU, strengthen communication, share successful experiences and practices, and jointly organize the law enforcement training in the future. If the trademark offices find the counterfeit trademarks, QBPC can help look for the relevant right holders. The two sides designated Vice Chairman Conan Chen of the QBPC Best Practice Enforcement Committee and Liu Yu, Principal Staff Member of the Trademark Office of Sichuan Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce, as Coordinators to strengthen contracts between Sichuan Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce and QBPC members in the future. Participants also exchanged their views on the Article 60.2 of the Trademark Law, the counterfeit goods of Chengdu Food & Drinks Fair and some specific cases.
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