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Group Office Against IP Infringement and Counterfeiting

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Group Office Against IP Infringement and Counterfeiting

    On the morning of March 16, a delegation of Chongqing Leading Group Office against IP Infringement and Counterfeiting (“CQLGO”) visited QBPC Office. QBPC Executive Director Yao Xin and Associate Legal Counsel Lizzy Liu received the delegation members--Director Wang Hu of CQLGO and his two staff.
    Yao Xin firstly welcomed the delegation, and introduced 2017 QBPC priorities and the IP issues QBPC cared. Xin also suggested that CQLGO organize activities for QBPC members to make exchanges with the members of CQLGO on specific issues QBPC members care about. Director Wang recalled the good cooperation of QBPC and Chongqing IP Office. He also introduced the work of CQLGO, including the IP enforcement in Chongqing and the interaction with Alibaba. Director Wang proposed QBPC to hold some trainings with Chongqing law enforcement agencies. The two sides agreed to further discuss the execution of the above ideas.
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