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Working in Unity and Cooperation to Continue to Protect Intellectual Property Rights

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Working in Unity and Cooperation to Continue to Protect Intellectual Property Rights

    The Exchange Meeting on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Border Protection Enforcement was successfully held by Quality Brands Protection Committee of CAEFI (QBPC) and Hangzhou Customs in Wenzhou, a famous historical and cultural city from August 3 to 4, 2017. 40 members from QBPC and 58 officers of Hangzhou Customs and its affiliated customs attended the meeting.

    On August 3, the meeting was presided over by Wen Guodong, Head of the IPR Office of the Laws and Regulations Department of Hangzhou Customs. Yan Weixing, Director of the Laws and Regulations Department of Hangzhou Customs and Ying Ji, Vice Chair of QBPC Customs Committee made the opening speech. Yan Weixing first expressed his gratitude to QBPC and its members for their support for the exchange meeting on IPR protection, and hoped that this activity could improve the customs’ capacity and level of law enforcement in IPR protection and further strengthen communication and cooperation with the right holders. He mainly stressed the important role played by the rights holders in IPR border protection. Over the years, the cooperation between the customs and the right holders is mainly reflected in the following three points. First, focus on risk control and information cooperation. The right holders use their own advantages, to closely cooperate with the customs and the public security to effectively fight against IPR infringement. Second, carry out rapid identification of rights with the right holders. With the increase of cross-border export of infringing products by post express, Hangzhou, as the first cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot area in China, actively cooperates with the right holders and has achieved significant results. Third, jointly conduct IPR protection publicity. The IPR protection exhibition center established by Yiwu Customs, affiliated to Hangzhou Customs has achieved a good publicity and exhibition effect. Since its establishment, the right holders of QBPC have been constantly updating the exhibits, and visitors from all walks of life flock to the exhibition. Yan Weixing also briefed the work focus of Hangzhou Customs in the second half of 2017. Hangzhou Customs will continue to cooperate with the right holders to jointly ferret out more valuable cases and promote the harmonization of administrative law enforcement and criminal justice. Then Ji Ying expressed thanks to Yan Weixing and the officers of Hangzhou Customs and gave a brief introduction to the general situation of QBPC. She pointed out that as an IPR protection pioneer under the new situation of cross-border e-commerce and an old friend of QBPC, Hangzhou Customs is worth learning for its achievements in IPR border protection. QBPC has 17 industry working groups in total and 11 groups as representatives attend the exchange meeting according to the work focus. They will introduce the challenges for different industries at the present stage as well as the IPR-related issues.

    11 industry working groups from QBPC gave a detailed introduction to the brands and the common problems existed in their own industry. Customs officers listened carefully, exchanged views with the representatives of right holders during the break and the product display section, and discussed and analyzed the industry problems, such as regional character of counterfeiting goods export, modes of transportation and trend of infringement.

    On the morning of August 4, the Exchange Meeting on IPR Border Law Enforcement and the Best Practice Sharing Meeting were launched in succession. The meetings were conducted orderly and all seats were occupied. Three customs officers from Wenzhou Customs, Yiwu Customs and Hangzhou Customs Office in the Postal Administration shared the model cases of their respective customs this year. The QBPC members gave warm responses and put forward targeted questions for each case, and the customs officers offered the detailed answers. According to Yiwu customs’ s cases, QBPC member asked a question about harmonizing administrative and judicial IP enforcement cases transfer, the process of case transfer is difficult and always take long time. Customs official answered that there are lots of law enforcement differences in local PSB. Hangzhou Customs is willing to enhance communicating with PSB and actively cooperate with law enforcement agencies.

    The exchange meeting between Hangzhou Customs and QBPC lasted for one and a half days. QBPC members actively participated in the meeting and customs officers answered questions carefully, which reflects the cooperation between the customs and the right holders is essential. QBPC and Hangzhou Customs hope to strengthen friendly cooperation in depth through the exchange meeting and make positive contributions to China’s IPR protection!

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