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QBPC Introduction

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QBPC Introduction

    The Quality Brands Protection Committee (QBPC), supported by the former Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation of China, was formed in March, 2000 and registered under the China Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment (CAEFI). The QBPC was comprised of 28 multinational member companies at that time.

    Since QBPC was founded, it has been strengthening cooperation with China's central and local government agencies, institutions, enterprisesas well as local and international IP-related organizations, so as to promote the improvement of China's IPR legal system, the IP administrative &  judicial enforcement, the guiding role of judicial protection, and the construction of a fair and orderly legal environment for economic growth and scientific & technological innovation for global interconnection and intercommunication. QBPC endeavors to be an active participant in law enforcement and judicial protection concerning IPR, an active adviser of the legislation and revision of IPR laws, an active builder of the bridge between China and international community in the IPR field, an active assistant for domestic enterprises to improve IPR capability, and an active promoter of IPR culture. QBPC hosts and jointly holds domestic and international seminars and forums, as well as organizes training, workshops, experience exchanges to improve the enforcement of IPR laws. QBPC initiates such campaigns as “Buying Authentic Goods–Enjoying a Real China” to raise public awareness of respecting and protecting IPR protection. QBPC actively supports and assists law-enforcement agencies in heavily combating IPR infringement and counterfeiting to safeguard fair competition and market order. QBPC actively offers suggestions for the revision of laws and regulations related to IPR in an effort to improve the IPR protection environment and the business environment for legal operation. QBPC actively organizes, participates in international seminars and forums, and fairly and objectively introduces to the international community the efforts and achievements made by China in improving IPR. And QBPC also reports to Chinese governments and relevant authorities the expectation of international community for China to improve IPR protection as well as the new challenges commonly faced in IPR protection.

    The achievements of QBPC have earned the support and recognition of the Office of the National Leading Group on the Fight Against IPR Infringement and Counterfeiting (NLGO) and its member companies. Madam Wu Yi, then Vice Premier of the State Council, spoke highly of QBPC as her “capable assistant”. On November 28th, 2011, Mr. Wang Qishan, the then Vice Premier of the State Council, graciously received the representatives of QBPC during the 5th Session of the CAEFI Congress and made an important speech. Wang pointed out that both domestic and foreign enterprises need a soft environment that is conducive to innovation. Relevant government agencies and judicial organs should strengthen protection and enforcement of IP Laws in accordance with WTO rules and continue cracking down on behaviors of IP infringement and manufacturing and selling counterfeit products so as to protect the legal rights of foreign companies and create a just, fair and transparent environment for investment. On March, 2014, supported by CAEFI, QBPC presented to the State Council the Report on Problems Proposed by QBPC Member Companies about the IPR Protection Issues Affecting Foreign Investment, which attracted the high attention of relevant leaders. Besides, the work of QBPC was supported and acknowledged by international organizations. The Global Anti-Counterfeiting Group (GACG) has twice recognized QBPC for outstanding achievements.

    In 2016, QBPC has around 200 member companies, mainly from Northern America, Europe, Asia, Oceania, and other areas. The QBPC has seven sub-committees to carry out the organization’s activities, that is, Best Practices/Enforcement, Communications, Customs, Government Cooperation, Legal, Membership Services, Patent and Innovation. QBPC has set up 17 Industry Working Groups (IWGs), responsible for the study of IPR protection issues involved in the industries concerning member companies. The IWGs include: Agricultural, Alcohol & Beverage, Automotive, Creative, Electrical Distribution, Home Appliances, IT, Lighting, Luxury Goods, Personal Care, Pharmaceutical & Medical Devices, Sports, Fashion & Life Style, Toys & Licensed Goods, Wireless & Integrated Circuit, Chemical, Food and Diversified. In addition, seven Task Forces were established to provide brain trust for member companies on concerned IPR issues. The Task Forces cover  issues of Innovation Policy, Trade Secret, Internet Sale of Infringing Goods and Internet Copyright Protection, Transparency of Criminal Public Prosecution Procedures for IP Cases, Article 60 of the New Trademark Law, Trademark Infringement in OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), and Organizational Reform of QBPC. For instance, according to the Second Clause of Article 60 of the New Trademark Law, the law enforcement agencies can only order vendors stop selling counterfeits if they are able to prove that they are innocent of the identification of the counterfeits and provide the source and legally acquirement of the infringing products. The description on NPC Website does not grant rights of sealing up, sequestrating or destroying trademark infringing products to law enforcement agencies either. This interpretation seriously affects the practical investigation on trademark infringement products and will cause counterfeits flow into the market at any time.
    With the continuous and healthy development for 16 years, QBPC has developed into an effective platform for member companies, Chinese government and enforcement agencies to communicate and cooperate in the IPR field. It also serves as an ideal forum to study and exchange experiences in the IPR field, thereby, improving IPR protection and innovation ability for member companies. Meanwhile, QBPC acts as a bridge, linking the Chinese government, international organizations, domestic and foreign enforcement agencies, enterprises at home and abroad, academia, and the media to jointly promote exchanges and cooperation on IPR.

    The New Normal of Chinese economy and the deepening integration of global innovation bring about new opportunities and challenges to the development of QBPC. We believe, under the guidelines of Innovation, Protection, Sharing and Growth,walking along the path of “member-driven development, professional guiding, international integration, program compliance, cooperative supervision”, shoulder to shoulder with colleagues who devote themselves to IPR protection and innovation, QBPC will display a new image at the new beginning point, achieve significant progress in the new journey and usher in a new chapter of development.
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