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QBPC 2014 Key Objectives

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QBPC 2014 Key Objectives

    QBPC Mission Statement
    QBPC Tasks
    To work cooperatively with the Chinese governments at various levels, relevant ministries, judicial as well as administrative enforcement agencies, academia, domestic industry, enterprises, media, intellectual property organizations and other public and private stakeholders to make positive contributions towards the improvement of China’s Intellectual Property Rights (“IPR”) environment.
    Further to the Mission Statement of the Quality Brands Protection Committee (“QBPC”) supports; the building of a sound IPR legal framework in China, the establishment of a long-term mechanism for an effective IPR protection system, enhancing the public’s awareness of IPR protection and respecting others’ IPR to facilitate the creation, utilization, protection and management of IPR, taking concrete actions to support China’s efforts to implement an innovation-oriented environment and to establish an innovation based country. In the spirit of “win-win”, QBPC is committed to being a private-sector bridge between China and the international community with respect to IPR matters and will work to enhance mutual understanding, trust and collaboration.
    QBPC 2014 Objectives
    With the support of the China Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment(“CAEFI”), the Chinese national and local governments, judiciary and law enforcement agencies, domestic industry, sister organizations, academic thought leaders, media and the general public as well as through strengthening international cooperation, QBPC is committed to deliver the following objectives in 2014, while recognizing that some of the objectives are continuing and of a longer term:
    • Strengthen the Fight Against Illicit Trade of Counterfeit Goods:
      • Support members tackling local protection and to report serious cases to the responsible agencies, including the National Leading Group Office of Anti-IP Infringement & Counterfeiting set in The Ministry of Commerce (“The National Leading Group”), the Supreme People’s Procuratorate(“SPP”) and the Ministry of Public Security (“MPS”).
      • Strengthen partnership with international organizations such as Interpol and the World Customs Organization, foreign law enforcement and sister organizations to enhance QBPC’s external network and reputation as well as to build up QBPC’s capacity in the fight against the cross-border trade of counterfeit goods.
      • Work with the policy makers, judiciary, relevant agencies and academic thought leaders to help members tackle the increasing problem involving contract manufacture of trademark goods for exportation.
      • Strengthen QBPC’s capacity in dealing with on-line sale of counterfeiting goods by working with law enforcement agencies in China and of the critical destination markets, internet service providers and members.
    • Improve Legal Framework and Enforcement to Better Protect Trade Secrets:
      • Identify and engage domestic industry leaders and academic thought leaders, who share the same vision that better trade secret protection serves the needs of both domestic Chinese and foreign industry and helps deliver China’s objective of evolving into an innovation oriented country, to work together to improve the legal framework for better trade secret protection and to strengthen enforcement.
      • Drive for expediting the amendment to the Anti-unfair Competition Law.
      • Work with the Supreme People’s Court and academic thought leaders to drive the promulgation of judicial interpretations or judicial opinions on trade secret protection.
      • Engage relevant stakeholders to drive amendments to the Criminal Law for enforceable criminal prosecution against the crime of trade secret theft.
      • Engage the National People’s Congress delegates to drive the enactment of a Trade Secret Law.
    • Improve Legal Framework and Protection for Patent and Copyright:
      • Actively participate in the amendment to the Patent Law and Copyright Law.
      • Strengthen partnership with sister organizations to conduct related policy work and to improve the transparency and effectiveness of procurement by public and private sectors for copyrighted goods such as software.
      • Conduct public awareness programs.
      • Research internet copyright infringement to find better solutions.
    • Improve Transparency of Criminal Prosecution and Trial of Criminal IP Cases:
      • Engage like-minded criminal IP policy drivers, law enforcement, prosecutors and judges to recognize IPR owners in criminal prosecutions and trials as the “victim” of criminal IP cases, and to allow the IPR owner to participate in the criminal proceedings and to exercise the rights available to the victims under the Criminal Procedure Law.
    • Restructure QBPC, Recruit, Reward and Retain Best Quality QBPC Office Staff to Build up the QBPC Office Capacity and Strengthen QBPC Governance and Compliance:
      • Continuously explore ways to improve the structure of QBPC membership and to develop the capacity, Standard Operating Procedures, governance and compliance of the QBPC Office, working committees and Industry Working Group (“IWG”) and the service team (QBPC Chairperson and IWG Coordinators) to ensure sustainable development of QBPC.
    • Continuously Improve QBPC Services to and Communication with Members:
      • Create a mechanism to engage member representatives outside of China on a regular basis to solicit inputs on their IP concerns and needs as well as their views on the quality of QBPC services and the value of QBPC membership.
      • Allocate adequate budget for translating important documents for the convenience of non-native-Chinese reader member representatives.
      • Motivate and recognize the great performance of the QBPC Service Team members and QBPC Office staff.
      • Strengthen accountability through annual elections and other appropriate approaches.
      • Foster the culture within QBPC that the highest objective is serving members and that this is achievable through delivering the above-mentioned objectives.
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