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GACG Presents the Global Anti-counterfeiting Awards 2012 to the ECID/MPS

    On July 17th, Mr. John Anderson, the Chairman of GACG presents the Global Anti-Counterfeiting Awards 2012 to the ECID/MPS in MPS's meeting room.


    Director General Meng Qingfeng, Deputy Director General Gao Feng of ECID/MPS, Deputy Director General Che Yaohua, Director Wang Zhiguang of IP Division of ECID/MPS attended the meeting. From QBPC, Jack Chang, QBPC Chairman, Steven Wang, QBPC vice Chairman, Colin Chen, QBPC vice Chairman, Chuck Qi, Customs Committee Chair, Victor Shao, BPEC Chair, Heart Chen, Legal Committee vice Chair attended the meeting.

    Director General Meng expressed the appreciation to GACG and also introduced the progress in anti-counterfeiting work by MPS. Also John highly appreciated the contribution by the ECID/MPS to the IP protection both in China and abroad.

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